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Ear Protection and Cauliflower Ear

Ear Protection and Cauliflower Ear (Click on link to learn more)


Knee Pads

Some guys like wearing spats for lighter protection but I like wearing something that combines just a bit of compression along with some padding around my knee caps.  Whether I am drilling takedowns or on my knees during rolls, it’s not uncommon for me to get painful bruising around my knees just from the impact of force on the mats.

I am about 5’10” and weigh about 165lbs.  The medium size fits me perfect.  I like them tight but not too tight where they would cut off blood or circulation to my lower legs.  These pads are a great combination of compression, skin protection, a little bit of knee stabilization (they have a bit built in on both sides of the pads, and then gel rings that completely surround my knee caps.  I love these knee pads.

My favorite knee pads/protection are these Futuro Infinity Active Knit Knee Stabilizer –

These Futuro’s are slightly less expensive and work excellent as well.  If you are looking to save a few bucks (since you need two of them for both knees) I have had great success with these –


I  have tried probably a half dozen mouthguards and everything from very expensive to very cheap.  My favorite mouthguard is the Venum Challenger.  It is very pliable, is form fitting (you mold it in boiling water), and not too bulky.  I found the Venum Predator to provide more protection (appropriate for MMA) but was a bit too hard and bulky for jiu-jitsu.  I also like softer mouthguards as opposed to the hard-fits like Sisu NextGen Aero (which I also have but don’t use it on the regular).  Sisu NextGen Aero’s are lower profile, you actually can drink with them in your mouth, and they are not bulky.  But they are hard and I prefer a soft and pliable mouthguard when I roll in jiu-jitsu.  This is my go-to mouthguard and I always keep a few in reserve and in inventory as over time, they will break down (or just need to be replaced for hygiene reasons).